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ejv analytics inc.

Founded in 2016, ejv analytics inc., is a financial analysis boutique incorporated and based in Montreal Quebec Canada in order to follow as closely as possible the USD & CAD financial markets.

We are passionate and dedicated financial analysts certified in the EU.

We analyse, evaluate, and assess ETFs listed only in US and Canadian exchanges.

We advise only EU clients on how to diversify their investment portfolia in accordance with their investor profiles, given their risk tolerance and time horizon.

Our clients are EU tax citizens who are willing to diversify by investing in USD & CAD markets.

Our Tenet

Know who you are

The fundamental tenet of our advisory process is that “private investors who know who they are (investor profile) and who, in accordance, formulate a strategic plan (diversified long term portfolio) have a higher probability of achieving their investment goals than those who act on their emotions or make frequent changes based on the events of the day”.

This in turn is translated into thinking and acting strategically, i.e. for the long term, an attitude that is the core of our advisory process.

Strategic & tactical investment planning, behavioral advising, and continuous communication are the three tools we employ when we try to guide investors who manage their own portfolia in order to reach their investment goals.

Our Value 

There is not one solution to how money ought to be invested

Our main concern is to advise investors in order for them to:

1.Define their own investment goals, given

   a. their personal risk tolerance and

   b. their investment time horizon

2. Construct a strategic plan to reach their investment goals, and

3. Avoid tactical mistakes and pitfalls in order to reach their goals sooner rather than later

Our Practice

Defining, analyzing, and evaluating each investor’s profile

Assessing historical risks & returns

Accessing useful available information

Advising on strategic planning, and tactical fine tuning

Data drives all decisions an investor ought to make. Historical evidence, however, indicates that investors tend to be their own worst enemies, taking wrong decisions at the wrong times.

Our practice leads investors towards defining their investment goals, constructing a well diversified long term portfolio, and, whenever needed, rebalancing it.

Our efforts aim at helping investors, who have defined their investment goals according to their specific needs, risk tolerance and time horizon, to overcome their emotions and, if possible, minimize unforced errors on their way to achieving the aforementioned goals.

At the end of the day we make money only when our clients do.